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I must first warn you that it's not a very exciting position. We're a small extended service contract company in need of someone who can accomplish three tasks:
- Input data into Excel spreadsheets
- Organize received contracts
- Print materials and assemble those materials into presentation folders for prospective customers
When I say we're a small company, I really mean small. There are two people in the office and we need a third. I fired the last guy because he got lazy after 10 months and started to call in sick repeatedly. When he left, I discovered that he spent most of his time writing some sort of manifesto that makes little to no sense except to the most experienced clinical psychiatrists.
We have a very simple dress code: So long as your nipples and genitals are not exposed, you meet the code. Our hours are 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. There is a lot of down time, during which you're free to go on a walkabout or surf the internet. So long as you get your job done in a timely manner with no excuses, you're golden. If you're a part-time student, we can offer some flexibility with the schedule.
The term 'self-starter' is overused, but that's what we need. The ideal candidate will need to possess common sense and the ability to make critical decisions on their own such as: 'The stack of presentation folders is getting low. Should I make more?' The answer is 'Yes, you should.' I'd like a candidate that can answer that question themselves and not need to come to me for guidance.
The position pays $15.50 per hour. We do not offer healthcare, 401K, company cars or use of the company jet for weekend trips to Vegas.
If you're interested, please send me an email with your resume and tell why you think you'd be a good fit. My address is Smindustries at Gmail dot com.
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