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Anyone need a job?

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We are a parts store located in Milwaukie, Oregon. We sell mainly watercooled and aircooled VW parts, but we also have parts for other imports. We have two stores here in the Portland area and we are looking for someone with automotive background who can help us in our delivery department. This job may turn into a counterperson job if you have the skills. email for info.
[email protected]
Chris Riehl
Discount Import Parts
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Re: Anyone need a job? (FlyGTI84)

Oh man, if you guys were here I would've akreadt emailed you.
Re: Anyone need a job? (RJetta8V)

DAMN! Too bad I'm in Costa Rica right now. I lived right up the street from you guys and your store was a lifesaver many times. I may be back in June, so I'll check back with you then. I thnk I've seen your GTI parked out in front. I wanna say it's white, silver or maybe black?
Re: Anyone need a job? (VWteknik)

Yeah its white. . .check us out in June, you never know. We just got rid of someone this morning, and we're looking for someone to come in pretty quick though.
Damn! Costa Rica sounds nice right now!
Re: Anyone need a job? (FlyGTI84)

man, how come i can't find jobs like this where I live?
sounds good.
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Re: Anyone need a job? (FlyGTI84)

Not unless you're thinking of expanding into Brazil ,Paraguay and or Argentina.
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Re: Anyone need a job? (alfafan)

I'll hit up the owner for some $$$ to expand to Brazil, that's where a lot parts come from anyway, so we'd be closer to the source. Now there's a good pitch!
Re: Anyone need a job? (FlyGTI84)

Air cooled engine parts are dirt cheap here and almost any Beetle part is too.
I could probably start out with a steering wheel hit all the parts stores around town and have a complete Beetle by the end of the day.
Re: Anyone need a job? (alfafan)

For anyone that hasn't been to discount import parts, this place is the total SHIZNIT!!! I went there for the first time a few weeks ago and my jaw dropped at all the stuff that they have. I'm used to Seattle parts places that have to order stuff out, and usually charge a large markup. Not so here, all the stuff you would ever want is just hanging on the wall. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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i just sent you an IM... i am VERY interested...
Re: Anyone need a job? (PDX Cabby)

umm..where exactly is this store in milwaukee.? never heard of it!
Re: Anyone need a job? (megadome)

Discount Import is the best place to buy parts in the NW. Hands down, end of discussion. Whenever possible I'll wait to buy until I'm in PDX, and then I hit up the Westside store. Last time I was there it almost brought tears to my eyes...they had all the stuff in stock and are so much better on pricing than anything in Sea/Tac that I know of.
You guys RULE, Chris! I may be by this weekend, in fact!
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Re: Anyone need a job? (SeattleGLI)

see sig
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Re: Anyone need a job? (what)

Our housing up here is cheap. Three bed here = 1 bed there. Come on up!
Re: Anyone need a job? (FlyGTI84)

What about the store next to Washington Sq? Hiring there, too?
Re: Anyone need a job? (FlyGTI84)

Are you guys going to be expanding into Medford?
I'd be more than happy to help get something set up here. As far as I know, there are zero import shops here, and a huge demand.
Re: Anyone need a job? (matt007)

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