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Re: Anyone running a 28mm offset... (coolC)

You need to specify G60 or slc as they have different offset ranges due to the type two suspension geometry on the slc's.
That said, i am running 29mm offset on 15X7.5 on my G60.
The inner rim is pretty damn close to as far in as it can go in back, but a 16" wheel would have more clearance in the rear than a 15" due to the shape of the rear swingarm... my backspace (the important number for this discussion) is 79mm.
Backspace is the distance the inner rim edge is from the wheel mounting surface.
A 7" wide wheel, 28mm offset, should have 73.6mm backspace and would have more clearance yet.
Some calculations...
the stated wheel width (lets say 7") is the width between the inside of the beads. We need to add the thickness of the beads (the rim) to that for the wheels overall width, and on an alloy wheel the bead is typically 1/2" thick x 2.
So, the overall wheel width is 8" x 25.4 = 203.2mm
We divide that by 2 (because offset is measured from the center of the wheel's width) (101.6mm) and subtract the offset (28mm) and have a backspace of :
101.6 - 28 = 73.6mm
A 7.5" wheel, 8.5" overall width x25.4 = 215.9mm overall width divided by 2 = (107.95 rounded) 108mm - my 29mm offset = (78.95 rounded) 79mm backspace
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