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1996 VW Golf GL MK3
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Hey Guys,

I was curious if there's any VW Enthusiasts stationed in Japan or currently living in Japan. If so, are you willing to help a fellow member in obtaining a part? :D

I'm looking to obtain the VW GTI/Golf MKIII Wing/Spoiler made by COX, Inc. in new condition (or used, but good condition). I need the version for non-third brake light vehicles, below are pics of it. The COX, Inc. Part Number is CO01V03004.

Obviously, I'm all the way across the pond in Florida (United States of America), so I would need it shipped to me. Any help with this would be appreciated greatly! I am PayPal Verified. You can contact me directly via PM or by replying here.

Link: http://www.cox.co.jp/products/index.php?id=24


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