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Anyone use Eurospecsport parts?

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I see alot of serious race only stuff on their website, so I'm asking thats why I'm asking here.
What do you think of there parts, good, bad?
Particularly their cams is what I'm interested in, thanx.
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Re: Anyone use Eurospecsport parts? (dohc)

This won't help but...I bought a lightened/balanced flywheel from them and it holds the box to the floor as well as any other companies products could! Too many other tranny parts to get yet.
Re: Anyone use Eurospecsport parts? (dohc)

A lot of guys I know use only Schrick cams or cams made from Schrick cam blanks. A lot of parts out there are "billy bolt on" and won't do much. The most important thing in building a more powerful car is getting the intake and exhaust cleaned up because the engine is a big air pump. After that it is unsprung weight you worry about so you can get up to speed faster. You then worry about everything else with regards to handling. If you go to races get a pit pass and go look at the engines and see what the racers have done. They generally have their cars set up as far as the class allows but they usually go in the engine/unsprung/handling order. At least this is what I have done after talking to a lot of racers and the mechanics that keep the cars going.
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Re: Anyone use Eurospecsport parts? (Gord)

A couple guys around here have eurospecsport exhausts on thier vr6's. The sound is downright evil. Proobably the best exhuast I've heard, on a VR anyways.
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