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Anyone use Nippon Denso "IRIDIUM" spark plugs?????

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I'm thinking of trying them out on my 2.0 16v. I know they cost a little more than a regular Bosch plug but they claim to provide a most efficient spark that helps with poor fuel/air ratios and rough idle. Does anyone have any experience with them? If they're no good, I will go with Beru Silverstones then.
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Re: Anyone use Nippon Denso "IRIDIUM" spark plugs????? (Ted)

i run them in my alky brigs and stration ....work fine...... hard to fine here.....i have run them i different cars never vw ......they are good plugs .....
here is hte order i will ask for them in
bosh plat
all three are the only ones with rolled threads ...good for alum heads
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