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Re: Anyone use the Neuspeed 16v intake cam? Autotech cams? (vwsnaps)

quote:[HR][/HR]I bought a 92 gti 16v with blown head gasket. Im going to go ahead and go with cams.. Neuspeed cam seems reasonable anyone use one?
What about Autotech Cams... they claim in thier catalog 17.5 HP gain to the wheels. When reading the specs its a 252 intake cam, which i think Neuspeed cam is the same thing a 252 or close to it.. but Autotech changes the Exhaust cam where Neuspeed doesnt recommend you change the exhaust cam?
Suggestions welcome...
I have the neuspeed euro intake cam (250 duration .372 lift i think)....its a pretty mild cam. If you want an ok idle and some increased performance this is probally an ok choice for you. http://www.parts4vw.com sells them for about $250 i think....I was an a$$hole and paid much more for it from neuspeed. If I was going to buy a camset....intake and exhaust I think I would spend the extra $$$ and get a schrick camset....I have a friend that just built a 2.0l 16v motronic with the autotech camset and his 1/4 mile times are still slower than mine and he was running a GIAC chip while I was running a stock chip. Oh yeh, it helps to have a k&n drop in and a catback exhaust when you do cams. GIAC also makes chips for normal(stock and euro) camsets and aggressive cams (autotech set).
edit: I'm a d!ck and didn't mention that my friends car wasn't running right due to POS chip. My time is also from a G-Tech...where he has real slips. My bad.

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