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Re: anyone using this? "as seen on vortex ad at bottom of page" (convincedVdubber)

i have done a ton of research on these setups. honestly, it will make a diesel run a little better.
the site says "up to 35% increase" less than 1% is "up to"
that small fan creates an average amount of cfm, but not enough to pressurize a "boost" of more than 1-2psi
there are systems that will put 2 of them inline, and make up to 3lb.(usually less)
but the only way to create 12+psi reqires about 1000 amps and a couple extra batteries, run independantly from the alt, or you lose boost on the charge. then if youre adding the weight, and changing the exhaust and injectors and management system. why not just build a real SC?
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