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anyone want Metric system 2 1/16 guages?

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guys, i found this company who can get me metric system guages that are 2 1/16 inch. its exactly like R1 guages.
(actually, the manufacture of R1)
if you guys want any, we can all get the guages at lower price. I am gonna keep it 2 1/16 inch just to make it simpler.
here are some options.
oil pressure (up to 5 bar)
oil temp water temp
Air/Fuel ratio
Exhaust temp
Boost guage (up to 2 bar)
Tach (8,000 RPM)
Volt meter
these will not have R1 signs on it...instead of the R1, it will be something else...but nothing obvious
email me if ur interested: [email protected]
i will post the price when i find out more

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Re: anyone want Metric system 2 1/16 guages? (whatup)

few ?'s
Do they come with white/silver faces, price of course, shipping, can we see some pics of each kind of guages(oil press, boost)
I am looking to getting oil pressure, a/f, and boost guages. What does a 2 bar translate to in psi?
Re: anyone want Metric system 2 1/16 guages? (Iceman666)

this is how they look like when its not luminated

they come w/ white face and you set the lightening background yourself. The color of the lights are exactly the same the shown in the picture.
like i said, i don't have the price yet, need to talk to them and see how much they will sell if we get 10 or more on each guages. (or even more)
I don't have the pictures yet, i am in the process of getting some, so please be patient, i will post them ASAP.
as for the metric system..
temp. 1 Celsius = about 1 4/5 ¢XF
pressure. 1 Bar = about 14.5psi.
if you guys think the boost guage range is too big, i can ask for 1.5 bar or even 1 bar. but that is of course majority rules.

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Re: anyone want Metric system 2 1/16 guages? (whatup)

pls reply to the msg or send me email, i don't know why my IM thingy is not working right.
sorry about it
Re: anyone want Metric system 2 1/16 guages? (whatup)

How much for the oil pressure and the boost?
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