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anyone want Metric system 2 1/16 guages?

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guys, i found this company who can get me metric system guages that are 2 1/16 inch. its exactly like R1 guages.
(actually, the manufacture of R1)
if you guys want any, we can all get the guages at lower price. I am gonna keep it 2 1/16 inch just to make it simpler.
here are some options.
oil pressure (up to 5 bar)
oil temp water temp
Air/Fuel ratio
Exhaust temp
Boost guage (up to 2 bar)
Tach (8,000 RPM)
Volt meter
these will not have R1 signs on it...instead of the R1, it will be something else...but nothing obvious
this is how they look like when its not luminated

they come w/ white face and you set the lightening background yourself. The color of the lights are exactly the same the shown in the picture.
like i said, i don't have the price yet, need to talk to them and see how much they will sell if we get 10 or more on each guages. (or even more)
I don't have the pictures yet, i am in the process of getting some, so please be patient, i will post them ASAP.
as for the metric system..
temp. 1 Celsius = about 1 4/5 ¢XF
pressure. 1 Bar = about 14.5psi.
if you guys think the boost guage range is too big, i can ask for 1.5 bar or even 1 bar. but that is of course majority rules.

email me if ur interested: [email protected]
i will post the price when i find out more
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