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I just bought a new 2020 GTI to replace my old car, a 2-door 2000 GTI. Does anybody here want it?

I've owned this car since 2014, and I've done a number of repairs on it, including a new clutch, new ball joints, new rear brake pads, new timing belt, a rebuilt head [because I was a slug about replacing the old timing belt], and several cosmetic repairs. (You can learn about most of these by looking up my questions in this forum). The engine, drivetrain and brakes work extremely well and the car is easily capable of 100 mph+ speeds. The body is red, and it's very sound though cosmetically beat up with several dings and a dent where someone scraped my right rear fender. There is also a large crack in the windshield that was there when I bought the car. It's so high it doesn't affect vision, and the car passed NY inspection several times that way (but your state may vary). Finally the moon roof kept leaking so I permanently sealed it closed (neatly) with black silicone.

I'm also including several parts I bought but hadn't gotten around to putting on yet, including a new thermostat, new rear brake disks, and a complete new exhaust system [which I bought on sale when I thought I needed one, but it turned out I didn't]. I'll also include the two-volume Bentley service manual. (not interested in selling anything separately).

I am not selling this car because there's anything wrong with its driving performance. I just saw the new car -- pretty much identical to the old one except for year -- while on vacation and decided it was time to upgrade. (Also, the AC in the old car died a couple of years ago, which has been especially unpleasant this summer). My 2000 GTI would make an excellent choice for someone who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty fixing up a car. I live in NYC, but the car is currently in Rochester, NH at the home of a relative who could arrange a test drive.

I'm asking $1000 for this package . If anyone is interested, please email me privately at [email protected]

Mike Taglieri
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