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Anyone with a VAG-COM in the Boston area?

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Ok. Brought my car in to dealer to check on hesitation problem in 2nd gear. Dealer tells me they won't touch the car's OBD cos I have an aftermarket radio in it. Since I've sold the Monsoon HU already... I'm kinda stuck. Does anyone have a VAG-Com in the Boston area so I can figure out what the hell's causing it? Thanks!
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Re: Anyone with a VAG-COM in the Boston area? (vincenthotrod)

hehe LoL that happened to me yesterday....i told them i fixed the wiring but they said they wont take a chance...just remove your HU and take it to the dealer..im doing that on wednesday (im in boston too)
Re: Anyone with a VAG-COM in the Boston area? (vincenthotrod)

Hey, hotrod, I live in Upstate NY but was recently at Shine Racing Service in Walpole. They have a functional VAG-COM there and rerouted some sh1t on my radio setup that the installer screwed up. I was there to get the Racing Kit and the GIAC chip. BTW...I just want to take this opportunity to tell everyone how AMAZING this setup is. Absolutely no body roll at ALL!!! The guys there are mad cool also. The GIAC chip on the VR6 kicks major a$$ as well. You've got to be kidding if you tell me you can't feel it. Anyway. I remember Walpole is only like 40 mins or less from Boston area. Those guys are cool...they'll help.
Re: Anyone with a VAG-COM in the Boston area? (Black and Tan Jetta)

Hey, I've got one. I'm only about 30 mins south of boston.
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