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Re: Anyone with hookup on driveway paving? (SickVR)

Quote, originally posted by SickVR »

yes if they have leftover asphalt they will do it

My neighbour works for the town and a whole bunch of us did this. It's true - it REALLY Works.
Otherwise, you will see many a paving company in yer neighbourhood im sure - go up and ask to speak with the foreman - if they have enough (usually carry extra asphalt - or plan to do more the 1 job a day in areas) - he will cut a CASH deal with you.
I had mine done - it hold 8 cars in the driveway - 2 rows of 4 - can open the doors on all cars - nothin hits. Cost us $950 from a company who was doing another one - around the corner.

Good Luck.
otherwise, if you need the company's name and number i dealt with (he's in toronto -based that is) and paves from MTL to Niagara - who'ever's paying he claims, IM Me, i have it infront of me.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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