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Just purchased VW 2014 Jetta Sportwagen TDI and want Apple CarPlay.

This unit on Amazon seems to be what most people are going with:
Amzparts Rcd330 Car Radio Carplay for Vw Tiguan (cant post a URL yet but it's amazon . com / gp/product/B07BSP6Y24/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza)

I have lots of questions based on some reading I’ve done before I dive into this:

I have read that this unit will not work with the backup camera. Seems like most units come with a camera adapter - does this not work?
It also seems like most people ended up installing a new aftermarket backup camera - is this necessary?

Are there battery drain issues? What do I need to avoid battery drain?

I have also read that I would loose TPMS function with this unit. Has anyone experienced this?

How does the media display on the instrument panel? Will it show the song title/artist?

How does this work with the steering wheel controls?

Will this work by plugging my phone in to the “MEDIA IN” line center console? Or does it have to be connected to the USB in the unit?

Difference between 6RF 035 187F and 6RD 035 187B or the 187E ?

Are there other radios that would work more seamlessly? (No need for a new backup camera?)
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