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On November 14th, 2013, we took one of our development B7 RS4 vehicles to our local drag strip. The goal was to test the upcoming APR Stage III TVS1740 Supercharger System. On the dyno, we saw incredible power figures that take the RS4 to new levels of performance; even over our previously available TVS1320 Supercharger System. To ensure that the dyno results translated into real world performance, testing was performed at Montgomery Motorsport Park’s drag strip. The drag strip testing was used to safely and legally collect quarter mile times and P-BOX GPS acceleration data (0-130mph times).

Montgomery Motorsport Park, located in Montgomery, Alabama is an IHRA certified track with a flat surface and certified timing equipment. We’re currently analyzing the P-BOX results and will share the data at a later time.

The vehicle is a B7 RS4 with a 4.2L FSI V8 and 6MT transmission. Mods to the vehicle are as follows:

- APR Stage III TVS1740 Supercharger System
- APR High Pressure Fuel Pumps
- Magnaflow OEM diameter downpipes and catalysts
- K&N Intake Panel Filter
- JHM Stage 5R Clutch and Flywheel
- TSW Nurburging Wheels & Michelin PSS Tires (46lbs each)
- Hotchkis swaybars

- OEM Intake housing/ducting
- OEM catback exhaust
- OEM suspension (springs/struts/shocks)
- OEM interior, full weight, us spec

Before we get into final power figures, price and availability of the upcoming APR Stage III TVS1740 Supercharger System, I’ll take a moment to touch on the required modifications:

- APR Stage III TVS1740 Supercharger System
- APR High Pressure Fuel
- Upgraded Clutch

The HPFP’s are not included in the kit because we offer them in two forms: brand new pumps rebuilt by APR or your existing pumps rebuilt by APR. The rebuild option saves money by using your existing housings.

APR recommends an upgraded clutch to see the maximum potential of this kit.

We were able to make our first pass at 12:08 in the afternoon with the density altitude (DA) sitting at -392.8 ft and steadily rising till around 3PM where it began falling again. We started with our local 93 octane fuel and 93 octane software and began practicing our launches. After 3 attempts we were hitting 1.7x 60’ times and were passing the quarter mile mark at 11.2x seconds at 122-123 MPH. The car was very consistent producing 6 passes in a row in the 11.1 and 11.2 range, including hot lapped passes (meaning running down the strip, coming back and running again with no cool down time.)

On 93 octane with our 93 octane software our best ET the day was [email protected] with a 1.654 60 FT time and a DA of only -42.2 feet! Our best trap speed of the day was with an [email protected] MPH with a 1.772 60 FT and a DA of -58.1 feet.

Around 4 PM we switched over to 100 octane to get in a few passes. Unfortunately the daylight was dropping and the track informed us we could only run till it was dark. We only had time to run several passes on 100 octane with very little cool down time between each run. Never the less, on 100 octane our best ET and trap speed was on our second pass, only several minutes after the previous run and was [email protected] with a less than stellar 1.802 60 FT and a DA of -155.5 ft.

Overall we were very impressed with performance given this was our first attempt in the RS4. The DA on our record 93 octane passes was very close to 0 feet and we believe with a lower DA, the times could drop. Likewise, with an improved 60 foot time, we believe a 10 second pass is achievable on street tires and full weight, possibly even on 93 octane. We unfortunately do not have any data for a full high flow exhaust system and other common modifications popular to the RS4 community, but hope to see results from our customers who’ve upgraded further!

That brings us to the fun part!

After only a few passes on 100 octane, we decided it was time to have fun before the track closed. We jacked the car up, drained the fuel, threw in 104 octane, installed our 104 octane software, removed the passenger and back seat, installed drag slicks, and removed the factory catback exhaust for even more weight savings.

We fired up the RS4 and it was beastly! Everyone at the track crowded around to make sense of this snarling Audi in the heart of American muscle land.

We had less than an hour to get in a few passes before the track closed. The first run broke into the 10 with our top trap speed of the day at 131.67 MPH, but we knew it had more in it. On the next run we did a massive burn out and heated up the tires and were able to hit a 1.49 60 ft time, but a missed shift resulted in only a [email protected] pass. Eric pulled the car around, let it cool for a second and headed right back out. The next pull was his best pass of the evening, setting a [email protected] pass with a 1.500 60 FT time and a DA of -528.2 as the sun was dropping. We were so close to 10.5’s but there wasn’t enough time to get in many more passes with any decent cool down time between. We were able to run 3 more passes several minutes apart and cut 10.6’s on each one with trap speeds ranging from 130-131 MPH.

Thus far, this is the quickest and fastest Audi we’ve personally run at the track and it’s paving the way for more test sessions in the future. Weather and time permitting, we may see passes from our other supercharged vehicles such as the R8, S4, S5 and RS5, all sporting our upcoming TVS1740 Stage III Supercharger Systems!

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