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APR Chip question....

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Can a person sell their APR chip to another 1.8T owner? It has to be the same code ECU, correct? If a person were to buy my chip, for say, $250, would they be able to have in installed in their ECU? Thanks.
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Re: APR Chip question.... (MeddlingKids)

I'm pretty sure I explained this to you before, but here we go...
You shouldn't swap just the chips, but complete ECUs. Why desolder both boards and swap in your daughetboard with his stock chip, as that is potentially harmful to the ECu, when you can simply swap the entire ECU? You need to have the same ECU code and both will have to re-intialize the board after installing. To do so you need VAG-COM.
Re: APR Chip question.... (einsig)

Thanks Einsig. Well, if I can find a buyer for my car that wants the APR chip, I'll just leave it in.
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