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I searched b4 i posted so sorry if this was already asked how does the cruise control control the chip settings between stock and 93 mode i know you have to pay extra but how does it work just wondering thanks

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Re: APR Chip ? (signal_zero)

Quote, originally posted by signal_zero »
wow you have opened the flood gates on this one guy. before you get destroyed for asking this question just go to http://www.goapr.com it explains every question you just asked, and i hope you have a flame suit

Wow a N00b telling a n00b to search. But oh well here goes. The just of it is below
EMCS is available for this car. EMCS is APR's revolutionary patent pending Enhanced Modular Chipping System. EMCS is an industry leading technology that brings many new features to the automotive enthusiast. This technology was developed exclusively by Audi Performance & Racing, LLC and demonstrates APR's continued commitment to lead the industry with the most technologically advanced products available.
Want chipped mode? Want to be able to switch back to your stock settings? Want a race mode to run 100 octane fuel at the track? How about a valet mode that limits power? EMCS is the lone technology on the market that can give you all of these options. No changing of the chip or ECU is required. These programs are available at the touch of a button.
APR has taken your cruise control buttons and utilized them for this function. Your cruise control will continue to function as normal, but will give you the ability to scroll through the programs you have purchased on your APR chipped ECU. The procedure is simple and involves only two steps.
Step 1: Press and hold the "set" button on your cruise control. After approximately five seconds, the "check engine" light on your dash will begin to blink once per second. This will tell you that you are activating program one. This blinking sequence will continue for approximately five seconds.
After this five second interval, the "check engine" light will begin blinking twice per second. This will indicate that you have activated the second program. This process is continued to access any remaining programs you may have purchased. (three blinks = program three, four blinks = program four).
Step 2: Once you have activated the desired program, simply release the "set" button. The "check engine" light will go off, and you will be locked in that program until you change it.
It's that simple.
APR's EMCS is a truly modular system that allows for future enhancements and features to be added as they are developed without the need for additional hardware. EMCS makes the following advanced features possible:

Good luck but make sure to do your homework on chips. Each chip has this option and depending on what you are looking for will make the differance with customer service and location too.
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