Greece has given the world many gifts. Democracy, the Olympics, and salty cheese are only a few, but so far they’ve been conspicuously absent from the world of cars. It's a mystery as to why, and the mystery only deepens when you see this gorgeous Scirocco GT24 from APR’s Greek offices.

APR Greece has been around for four years now, and just yesterday they released the first images of their latest project: the Scirocco GT24, which they've been working on since last November.


From the first glance you know this is going to be special. It’s rocking big Vossen CV7s that match the grey and red color scheme. It has a carbon body kit as well as aggressive spoilers front and back, not to mention a whole host of other great details.

Where the car is perhaps most beautiful, though, is inside. It’s been stripped of any fat, given a roll cage, and fitted with racing seats.

Under the skin, the highlights include APR’s intercooler, a stage two intake, a cast downpipe, and most excitingly, APR’s K04 ECU. In all, the Scirocco boasts 377hp and 516 Nm (380 lb ft).

So bust out your English to Greek dictionary say ο συγγραφέας είναι ένας όμορφος ιδιοφυΐα, because this beautiful car deserves to be seen in person.