APR is pleased to present the ultimate engine control unit (ECU) upgrade for the 1.2T EA211 engine. APR’s ECU upgrade is available in octane-specific variations and is conveniently flashed to the vehicle’s factory ECU through the OBD-II port without any physical modification to the factory ECU.

APR’s ECU upgrades are one of the best horsepower-per-dollar modifications for the new 1.2T engine. The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade is designed to work without requiring other changes to the vehicle’s hardware. With the ECU Upgrade alone, APR’s Calibration Experts measured higher peak figures of 185 ft-lbs of torque and 136 horsepower with 98 RON fuel. Large gains were seen throughout the power band, including an additional 51 ft-lbs of torque and 32 horsepower. The increase in horsepower and torque directly translates to an exceptionally quicker vehicle!

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