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Apr rep nedeed

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I have a 01 A4 1.8T fwd Tip euro version, already bought a spare ECU and want to get it chipped making it a clone ecu so I can exchange it without using a VAG tool. I live about 17hrs from houston but might go there this weekend to get stongard placed on my car. I would just like to make sure I can get it done in no more than 4-6 hrs, since I have to be back at the office.
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Re: Apr rep nedeed (Giancarlo)

Contact Quattro Rocket Science, they're in Austin (877) 537-2300
http://www.qrsmotorsport.com/ http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Apr rep nedeed (Electron Man)

Does anyone here know if this can be done? Who is the rep in Houston? since I'm already going there, and the APR website doesn't say. I'm going with APR only because they have the cloning availability. Which is important to me since I can't be reseting the computer everytime I take the car to the dealer.

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Re: Apr rep nedeed (Giancarlo)

The APR rep in Houston is Mike Staley you can get his number at http://www.aprhouston.com
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