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There is nothing worse then having a problem in the winter, with low temperatures and possible snow & ice it can make even minor car troubles unbearable and unsafe. So let APTuning give your vehicle a thorough check and get it ready for the upcoming cold months.

Winterize Service includes the following:

*Check, flush and fill washer fluid with sub-zero mix.

*Check and adjust wiper blades and arms.

*Rotate tires or install snow set if applicable.

*Properly inflate all tires to spec.

*Check charging system and battery.

*Check and clean battery terminals.

*Check coolant level and condition.

*Check oil level and condition.

*Check and lube key locks and cylinders.

*Check and lube all hinges.

*Check heater and defroster systems.

*Check and clean door seals.

*Check all mechanical and hydraulic brake components.

*Check all suspension components.

*Check lights for function and light output.

*VCDS(Vag-Com) scan of all modules for faults.

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