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Are 30# injectors enough?

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While replacing the injector harness in my bro's g60 I found a good deal on 30# injectors. He is just running a stage 4 g60 so nothing major but just wondering if 30# is enough or if we should bump it up higher. I know we will have to get a new chip burned but just wondering what is the best route. Thanks guys http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

Modified by bhanse4 at 8:16 PM 7-2-2003
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Re: Are 30# injectors enough? (bhanse4)

Give SNS Tuning a call, they can help you out on this one. #30's should be good, but you'll need another chip made for your setup.
Re: Are 30# injectors enough? (CorradoCody)

#30 will be fine unles your running some crazy boost. Im running # 30er's with a TT chip but ill be switching to SnS real soon.
Re: Are 30# injectors enough? (I Wuz BottlFedG60)

315cc / 30 lb injectors are well suited to ~160-~180 wheel HP. Ideal for Stage 4 setups as most will be in this range. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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