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are black taillights legal?

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My plan for my car is black, black, black. Its already black inside and out, but I want black rims and taillights. Anyway, what brands, if any, of the black taillights are legal? If they aren't, I'll just get the half red, half clear, cause the pigs wouldn't know the difference.
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Re: are black taillights legal? (estus)

check your state laws.
Re: are black taillights legal? (1987&2001Jettas)

get half red half smoke if not full smoke or get smazzzart's treser tails in the FS forum
Re: are black taillights legal? (estus)

see above as well, but most of the time, as long as all the lights flash the right colors and are bright enough, you probably wouldn't have any problem at all. the thing you might want to think about is, if during that blinding rainstorm, are your taillights bright enough so that the moron in the explorer doing 80 will still see your blacked out car???
Re: are black taillights legal? (estus)

This is ghetto I know...but in order to have a smoked look on my black coupe without shelling out $200-300 USD I took some run of the mill black spray paint, taped off everything but the turn signal and painted it completely black...The interior brake light as well. As long as you paint smartly, you can get a look as if the tail lights or the portions of don't exist, and are really part of the body, but will still show up just fine when used.
Re: are black taillights legal? (A2dr)

I have HELLA full smoked tails for sale in the classifieds right now. Cullen has the half smoked for $119 shipped, and I'm selling the full smoked for $125 since I paid $145 for them, never put them on the car, and don't feel like taking TOO much of a bite in the arse on 'em.
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