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Re: Are there any chip dealers in KC area? (ColeMan)

Automotives will do APR chipping, but not in-house. I checked it out a few months ago when I was wanting to get chipped and it turns out that they want you to leave the car there while THEY remove the ECU, send it away and then re-install it a few days later.
I just removed them as a middle-man by removing and sending the ECU on my own. It's an easy removal and installation: http://www.goapr.com/VW/support/ecu_tt_golf_gti_jetta.pdf. You will need this procedure no matter which chip company you go with.
Here are some helpful links for the most popular chiptuners:
Personally I would recommend APR because it has the switchable programs. However, this will run you a little extra $ and if you don't need it, there's certainly no reason to get it. There's tons of info on different chips for different engine codes all over this forum, so I'll leave the research up to you

By the way...are you the guy with the black Jetta that had BBSes (looked like 18s or 19s) who was at Heartland Park for the BMWCCA?
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