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I just got my wife a new beetle, and am searching for a bumper option.
Thinking of factory Turbo S.
Can't afford the RSI wide body kit.
What else is ther that is not RICE?
Links would be helpful as well as what you guys may have on your beetles.

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Re: Are there really only a few front bumpers for the new beetle? (TdiRacing)

what year is the beetle
if it is a brand new beetle (semi squinty headlights and flatter sides... 05+ if i remember right) you maybe sol on your choices
if it's not a brand new beetle you have many choices
from vw:
turbo s
"Front Valance" via driver gear
for more after-market ones check out http://www.aiwana.com

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Theres two cup edition bumpers. Both have pretty much the same design as far as air dam's go but one style has the cutout for the factory turn signals. I think estrictly foreign carries them and i know abd racing has the one with factory signals
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