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Re: ARRGGHH!!!! Someone Keyed my car!!!! Estimates??? (TURBODIESEL)

I feel for ya man. Really, I do...
About 4 months ago some low-life decided that I didn't deserve the factory paint on my Rave Green Pearl '01 GTI. The driver's side was keyed from the front quarter-panel, through the door, to the back quarter-panel. The passenger's side was keyed from the back quarter-panel (and through the gas door) through the door.
The initial estimate from the insurance company was about $1200! Well, I took it in to a body shop that was highly recommended to me and they came back with a $2700 estimate!!! With all the blending and color-matching (I'll think twice before getting a unique factory color) it was almost like getting a whole new paint job. Two months worth of waiting while the body shop and the insurance company were going back and forth about the actual repair cost and then my car finally getting painted.
The car came out perfect but it was a headache nonetheless. Whatever happens, good luck!
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