We've seen our fair share of engine swaps, but this is definitely a first.  Starting with a perfectly good Mk4 R32 and a homeless ten cylinder Lamborghini motor, Asgard Performance  set out to combine the two into one of the most extreme Mk4s in existence.


The finished product- technically now an R52, is claimed to have 1500ps (1479hp) and 1760Nm (1298 ft-lbs) of torque, and comes in just 900kg (1984lbs).  A power to weight ratio of .75hp per pound (1.66ps per kg) and relatively short wheelbase means that this Golf is likely the most frightening thing the driver will ever pilot.  Unfortunately there aren't any videos of the car in motion, so we'll have to do with a simple clip of the car revving.

More information and photos of the car can be found on the Asgard Performance and Extreme Society Facebook pages.