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Well I had another entertaining window regulator experience today.
Let me fill you in on the first time it happened, becuase they always seem to be amusing. The day after I got my car (I am not kidding) I drove about an hour North to see a friend (who drives an 2000 Jetta VR) and show him the new car. Got to his place and he came with me for a short spin. On the way back into the parking lot he flicks the switch to close his window and BOOM, party over. I knew exactly what had happened but didn't think it would happen so soon. Anyway, I drove an hour back down to my dealer who fixed the window, the dorve an hour back to my friends place.
All in all not a bad expereience, but heres the good part. Two days later my friend emails me, he was driving to the store with one of his buddies when his passenger window bit the dust. And his car had 35,000 miles on without one failure, I figured the VW gods were getting back at him for "breaking" mine!

Anyway, today was a beautiful day here in Maine and I was in Portland running errands and decided to wash the car. I pull up to the cashier, hand him my 11 bucks, go to roll up the window and BOOM, drivers side goes. I got my money and got out of line and drive straight to the dealer. Others may hate their dealer, but I love mine. Its a VW/Audi/Porsche dealer, very laid back, and I know the owner pretty well. Anyway, they took my car right in and I got to spend the hour admiring a new 911 turbo, a new 911 targa and I took a new 24v Jetta for a spin (couldn't really be inmpressed due to the auto).
So why was this expereience a good time? It was a gorgeous day, I had nothing to do all day, I got to drive a new Jetta which I had been meaning to do, my driver side regulator went out (which I wanted it to do so I would not have a problem once I get out of warranty, and to get it replaced so it wouldn't die at an inopportune time) and since my dealer washes cars after service appointments I got my car washed for free.
All in all not a bad day, now I just need to convince them to let me take out the 911 turbo.
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