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ATCO 4/5 - killed old times!!!!

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Well, I must say... oh my god!!!!!!
1st run - 14.419 2.232 60'
2nd run - 14.397 2.205 60'
3rd run - 14.433 2.244 60'
4th run, and tonights big winner!!!!!
60' 2.166
330 5.973
1/8 9.164
MPH 76.38
990 11.858
1/4 14.270

MPH 96.61
Specs - EIP throttle body / GIAC / Magnaflow 2.25 / UR pulleys / P flow / Turn2 Stage III mounts
NO cams - NO headwork!!! Stock Drivetrain/Trans
15" stock rims w/ Dunlop SP5000 - first 2 runs @ 25psi second at @ 22psi
No back seat, No spare, Passenger headlight removed.
Last week my best time was a 14.495 w/ a 2.151 60'
The only thing different from last week was having the headlight out and messing around w/ tire pressure even more. I will scan the time slips in the morning, if someone can host them again shoot me an e-mail or IM.
Oh yeah, See you all at E-town on Sunday!


[Modified by billyVR6, 9:09 PM 4-5-2002]
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Re: ATCO 4/5 - killed old times!!!! (billyVR6)

nice runs. A couple of us were at Island. Me Bill (climbingque) and Marc (schrickedvr6). Was way too crowded to get enough runs in. Plus the track was really slick cause of the cold weather. I did manage a new best 60' with 2.16 I also have a '95 VR6. I think these are one of the best years for them. I dont have cams or head work either. I think at a better track and a warmer day that I can get to 14.3......Maybe Sunday
Cya then
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Re: ATCO 4/5 - killed old times!!!! (QuickBlackGTi)

Thanks Brian, Mark has told me about your car and that is a strong runner as well. Cool, I will catch up with you at E-town.
Re: ATCO 4/5 - killed old times!!!! (billyVR6)

Wow great times Bill! Congrats! You got one strong motor on your hands. Island sucked... the enterance road coming in was like driving threw a mine field and there were WAY too many cars. Only got 3 runs in (btw it was $7) with a best of 14.3xx just could get traction, I was pretty pissed. Let me know what your plans are for tomorrow...
Re: ATCO 4/5 - killed old times!!!! (schrickedVR6)

Congrats Billy..... Great times, I can't wait to see what you run when you put cams in and the 3.94.....
Re: ATCO 4/5 - killed old times!!!! (climbingcue)

Thanks guys. Mark, ATCO was great, I could have had at least two more runs but I chose to let the car sit for a little after I first got there and there was still an hour left after I pulled the 14.27 but I was way happy with that and headed home. The best race of the night had to be my second run... I lined up with a MK4 1.8T car tuned by PES Tuning, side by side his 14.433 to my 14.397. If I recall correctly his name was Joe, nice guy we talked for sometime. There was also a sweet black A2 GLi 16v turbo running 13lbs of boost, I didn't catch his times.
Bill, man I have a ton of other stuff still waiting to go on the car, Quaife, Flywheel, 3.94, Cams, Head, MK4 Gasket, Header, 2.9 ABV Manifold, Test Pipe, New chip tuning..... can't wait.
Re: ATCO 4/5 - killed old times!!!! (billyVR6)

great running billy,i guess those ur pullies are pretty good cause u getting nice mph
... ran englishtown last night and couldn't get traction ,ran
14.052 @ 99.30 w/2.176
14.088 @ 99.36 w/2.204
14.121 @ 99.30 w/2.219
14.129 @ 99.49 w/2.257
Had another run i totally botched, and coulda had a 6th but it was TOO DAMN cold.
Well Billy congrats and see you sunday
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Re: ATCO 4/5 - killed old times!!!! (ItsukiVR6)

Nice times http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: ATCO 4/5 - killed old times!!!! (N.E.R.D.)

nice times....you up north kids are make me jealous...i'm happy w/ 14.6 though...
Re: ATCO 4/5 - killed old times!!!! (ItsukiVR6)

what gear you going through the traps in ? rpms?
Re: ATCO 4/5 - killed old times!!!! (billyVR6)

Me and BillyVR6 duked it out last night what a sweet race Thats how racing shoud be Hey thanks for the the plug on VORTEX See ya on the street!! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

14.658 @ 95.91
14.470 @ 96.99
14.433 @ 97.74
14.576 @ 96.96
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