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FS/Parting out ATP Turbo Kit, 60-1 Hifi Ball Bearing Intercooled MK3 GTI VR6 OBD2

Roughly 40000 miles on the turbo. My car was a daily driver on this turbo until I had to pull it out finally for smog. I never went to the track with this kit, it was purely for passing power. I've decided to leave off since I don't want to swap it in and out every 2 years for smog. I ran 7 psi on the kit with a CAT and 2.5" techtonics exhaust and it produced probably around 220 wheel hp. Some tweaking with the software, better exhaust, high flow cat will definitely get more out of it.

I work in Downtown Oakland,CA and live in San Francisco,CA. Small parts can be brought to DT oakland, everything else I'll meet within a reasonable range of San Francisco. If shipping, buyer pays shipping.

Turbonetics 60-1 HiFi .58 a/r Ball Bearing $700 (new $1660)

6x310 CC injectors $200 (new $372)

ATP Front Mount Intercooler and pipes $550 (new $900)

K&N intake 9.75" total length, 3" inside diameter, 4" outside diameter $25 (new $60)
K&N intake 5" total length, 3" inside diameter, 4" outside diameter $25 (new $60)

Greddy Type S blow off valve (purple top) $130 (new $210)

ATP 12V VR6 Manifold $220 (new $395)

Bosch F6DTC spark plugs $5 (about 15000 miles) (new $38)

ATP Manual Boost Controller $40 (new $69)

stainless steel -3 5ft oil line $15 (new $44) will throw in a -10 18" line that has a part of the steel braided cover rubbed off. Use at your own risk.

banjo fittings for the cooland lines $6 (new $18)

ATP Chip for 310 cc $60 (new $225)

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