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ATS Wheels??? Anyone?

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Hey all.Im looking for some strong and "cheap" wheels for my 97 gti 2.0 and came across with ATS type 10 at 160 US$ (Borbet 6 spoke look alike) and wanted to know if somebody here has them installed on their golf,are they strong?too heavy?i know someone here has them as i have seen them posted before.
i know they are oldschool but saw them in a Spain mag on an A2 and fell in love,and they are cheap enough for me,i know im asking too much but if anyone please photoshopped these on a white gti would be great
Thanks a lot.
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Re: ATS Wheels??? Anyone? (Mex gti)

Why not just get the borbets...they're like 120 each at tirerack for 16x7.5s. Just a thought.
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