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Att Car Detail experts!! Meguiar's question. (Scratch X and Quick Detail)

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So today I took a trip to Walmart and found this incredible deal on Meguiar products. I got a 4 in 1 deal for 20 bucks. Cool beans.
So anyways, it includes Scratch X and I was wondering A: if it works and B: how do i use it properly?
Secondly, it comes with the quick detailer...how exactly do I use this safely?
Thanks much.
Oh todays my birthday so make these answers quick!
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Re: Att Car Detail experts!! Meguiar's question. (JustinVW)

If it's anything like those "other" scratch products, it's just a silicone band-aid, you would have to keep applying it for it to stay gone. If you have swirls and MINOR scratches machine polish them out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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