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ATTA: Brampton people

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Ok..I keep seeing this girl in Brampton..she drives a ratty Mk2 gti, it's steel blue with like 14" ****ty 5 star rims and a 4 round headlight grille. The car is otherwise stock, small windows so it's pre-90..I need to find out who this girl is..anybody know her?
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Re: ATTA: Brampton people (stabb3d)

quiet..your gonna blow my cover as only "interested" in her ass..I mean car
Re: ATTA: Brampton people (BlownoffGTI)

Is this Youngdubber? Cause he asked the same question on the Pocketrocket site
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Re: ATTA: Brampton people (GTI-Gabe)

ya it is
Re: ATTA: Brampton people (BlownoffGTI)

No it's not
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