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Attack of the rust

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ok before i go to much farther into this project i want to find out if there is too much rust to continue. first off i am working with a 67 beetle that has been sitting out in the elements for about 10 years. i went to work on it today pulling out anything rusted or busted. mind you i also have a parts car to work off of. but upon pulling up the old carpet and all i found out both front floor plans are rusted out. the back luggage part i guess it is, is rusted out. the outside where the jack goes is rusted out. the engine compartment tin is gone not the tin on the engine but the metal surrounding that. now i am willing to put in quite a bit of work into this project and i dont mind spending a few years doing this but i dont want to break the bank and i dont want to come out with something that looks like crap. also i am good with a mig welder but all i have is an arc. i just want to know if i am getting myself in too deep, like when should i call it quits. thanks in advance for any words of wisdow.
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Re: Attack of the rust (SurfinCR)

If it were me i would call it quits! for the time and oney you are going to spend getting it back into restorable shape you could go buy a rust free or nar rust free car, maybe have to put in a half pan or something? (the front and back area really scares me! battery box is understanable but jack area and engine area? thats means the channels and everything are pretty much shot! If it were me i would invest $500-1000 and get a good start on a project! If thats what your looking for?
Re: Attack of the rust (passat_guy21)

My thoughts too. Especially for only a 67.
Haha, the link i put up to a solid 65 bug for $1500 linked you to a couch for $200, sorry.

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Re: Attack of the rust (PhatMatt)

dude its a 67 if you got the bloood sweat and tears to put out , go 4 it , i d love to have a 67
Re: Attack of the rust (61sktnbug)

It all depends on how much time/$$ you want to spend restoring a car. But 95% of the time it's always cheaper to buy a restored car then to restore one yourself. If this is your 1st project, I'd start off with something less rusty. Usually cheaper to buy a West Coast VW and have it delivered (about $1000 for transportation). A $1000 East Coast bug is NOT the same as a $1000 West Coast bug. Heck, even a $2k East Coast VW probably has more rust then a $500 WestCoaster.
Re: Attack of the rust (PhatMatt)

thats what i am feeling right now there is a bug near me up for sale same year and all. so i am thinking if that goes for cheaper than i am going to go for that. i love to weld and work on cars but depending if i find more rust than i am going to say forget it.
Re: Attack of the rust (SurfinCR)

Here's what you do: Take the car and $7000 to Mexico. Remove everything except the VIN. Install a new Beetle around the old VIN.
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