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I am selling my GTI VR6 and trying to return to stock basically. So, anyone who would like to give me their stock GTI VR6 wheels (in good condition, no bends light curb damage okay) w/ tires, I will hook up with my anthracite 16x7 BBS RX's with Yokohama A520's (about 15,000 miles on Yokohama's) for $500 OBO. These wheels are in great shape, no curb damage and no bends with only a few small rock chips (besides they're only $500!
) I am doing this because I would rather give them to someone who could appreciate the wheels, like a fellow VW guy. I have other stuff as well, and am willing to give some smoking deals. Anywho, anyone who has questions please email me at [email protected] (if you post here, I probably wont answer because I dont frequent the boards anymore) Thanks!
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