Remember when Audi and BMW had a billboard fight? Yeah. Happier days. Well, the days may not be getting much better, but at least BMW and Audi are back at it.

This round of billboard battling comes from Tunisia, so unfortunately the copy is French, but some things transcend language.

Things kicked off when BMW and the marketing team at Ben Jemaa Motors installed a billboard in front of the Audi/Porsche dealership in Tunis, Tunisia’s capital. Literally throwing shade on the dealership (probably).

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The billboard reminds customers that it’s not too late to change their mind and switch to a BMW.

Not bad, right?

Audi fired back, though, with a billboard reading “LOOOOL you don’t leave a winning team,” which I think we can all agree is better.

Whoever wins this battle of wits, I think we can all agree that, truly, we all win when brands battle for our attentions.

[source: Tuniscope ]