Hey guys, looking for a straight clean set of these rotors in 19" in silver only. I'm located on east coast (Philadelphia Area).

Fitment: 19"x9" ET52 5x112 Silver

PN: 8J0601025CP

The wheels on the B9 are 8W0601025CG which are more blocky and sharp compared to 8J0601025CP (TTRS wheels and others) which are a little more curvy and smooth. Interestingly, the b9 wheels are closer to the reps in style due the replica companies not smoothing the edges on their wheels. Both very similar, I'm looking for the curvy ones. Just for anyone else that may come across this post, the top ones are the ones im primarily looking for (Older Generation Rotors) , I may settle on the newer generation sets but since ill have to powder coat them hyper silver, Id probably be looking for a better deal on the wheels. I have 0 interested in aftermarket reps as they all get the proportions and finish machining wrong.

8J0601025CP (Pre-B9 era)

8W0601025CG (B9, MQB, etc)