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Audi 20V

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Anybody know if it has or can be done......
Audi 20V 5cyl. Turbo engine swap into a B5 chassis. This engine makes SERIOUS power, as it did in my '83 URQ.
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Re: Audi 20V (b5bel)

Why bother? You can't get the significant power & torque gains of a chip upgrade to a 1.8 turbo with that old 5 cyl Audi engine!
Re: Audi 20V (Bob V)

I've made over 400 H.P. safely w/ the Audi motor.
Re: Audi 20V (b5bel)

Anything is possible, but it'll be a lot of $$$ and
before it's done.
I believe the B5's engine bay will be too short for the awsome inline-5. Now if you really want a 5 cyl in a Passat, get a hold of a Quantum Syncro/Passat B3 - and the Audi S2/S6 engine will fit right in
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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