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I received a blessing ....honestly, an expensive one...
actually from a multi storage units purchase my crew and I had been involved with. a few weeks/mo ago.

Stoked to find out this was all untouched FACTORY german Audi/BMW/VW stuff.
from the custom shops JE Designs in soCal around the
pamona/pasadena - LA area.

If anyone from the greater Los Angeles area location that shut down
please speak up..message me privately, or lets setup a time we can talk.
or least efficient way... thread it up.

#909314 557 six :wave::beer:
ask for Big Matt.
* LOCATION: East Hemet... only will deliver if purchased in full.
*EVERYTHING is in very good shape or untouched stock fglass from JE-Design factory* & German factory
planning on selling it all... close to 60-70pc total.
(((9k$)obo TAKE IT ALL)) :eek:
or sets of bumpers front&Rear : $250 thinner shells/per pair. any make/model. (BBR & highend racing brands $300 a pair.)

mostly 3 series

e46 kits bumper & fender flairs...&more (3series kit parts..+m3 carbon fiber rear window spoiler )
1 740i bumper mold
2 molds for 5 series bumper
2 DRESSMAN 3s to M3 conversion/rubber front bumpers with brackets.

Audi a3, & a6
(00-06) in general

06' tt500 TTop shell for custom window or TTop...
*03' A6 BBR bumpers f&b.
*03' A6 Bumpers f&B
*03' A3 Bumpers.. *BBR* styles.
A3/VW spoilers/wings
&& audi kit accesories like fender flairs

VW. das...)

EIN Design 00-06 CORRADO
EIN DESIgN - 00-06 JETTA MK3-4

RARE vw kit SIDE PANELS, front , rear, and wings& flairs... from golf /corrado style mid 90's
also noticed this is universal with most audi &vw in 90s to 2k Euro years. Nissan 90's models.

MORE.... call me at number above. or txt..

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