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Audi 5000s Questions...

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I am picking up an 87 5000S that has 130,000km (75,000 miles) on it. The car is in good shape, interior is very clean no rips, body is solid except passenger fender that had some damage ie surface rust and the valve cover gasket need replacing. Other than that it drives nice.
What should I look out for? My dad had an 82 Coupe' that had 375,000 on the original engine before some clown in a Chevette ran a red light. I know the engines are bullet-proof and I also know that there are some electrical gremlins that surround the older Audis. For one the power sunroof is fussy and the master window switch needs replacing.
Also, I have an 84 Rabbit GTI (see sig) and I am curious as to if the 5000S will be able to pull it on a car dolly. The Rabbit weighs 2000lbs.
Are there any other 5000 enthusiast sites out there? I have been to Audiworld etc and they cater to the newer models primarily.
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Re: Audi 5000s Questions... (Evilgtiguy)

http://www.audiworld.com is the place to be you just have to go to forums and scroll down lot of 5000 q&a
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Re: Audi 5000s Questions... (jolow)

I bought an 85 5000s for $650 and it ran great the day I gave it to my brother.
The engine will last a long while as long as you keep up on the oil change. It doesn't have oodles of power (130hp, 140ft-lbs), but will get you from A to B. It has a towing capacity of 3500lbs., so don't plan on towing the GTI up a hill.
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