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Audi A3 Faults: ABS, Steering, Rear windscreen wiper, Temperature gauge, Boot handle....

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I have a May '99 3 door 1.6 Audi A3 and I have experienced many problems with it. If anybody has had any similar problems/experiences I would appreciate hearing about them. Also, if you've had issues like mine I'd be glad to share any information with you.
Here are the major problems in no particular order:
1. ABS activates under normal breaking conditions, indicated by a crackly sound and the brake pedal shaking. At the first service I asked that this be looked at and when I got the car back I was told nothing was wrong. However, the problem did not occur after this which indicates the a problem was found and fixed. I have heard that Audi has had ABS problems on the A3 and they're keeping it quiet.
2. The Steering veers to the left. Slight pressure to the right must be kept on the steering wheel when driving in a straight line. The car will veer to the left if hands are taken off the steering wheel. I have not experienced this on any other car. The front left tyre no needs to be replaced due to excessive wear caused by this problem.
3.The rear windscreen wiper intermittently moves very slowly and often halts in mid sweep. This still occurs even after the motor was replaced under warranty. Also, the rear washer jet pipe often comes apart at various snap-fit joints - leaking washer fluid everywhere.
4. The temperature gauge on the dashboard intermittently drops to its inimum reading and returns to a reasonable value sometime later. I have also seen this on A4 cars.
5. The light in the boot of the car generally does not switch on when he boot is opened. If the light is activated, it will only flicker intermittently.
6. The boot handle movement became loose and failed to open the boot. his was fixed under warranty but still happens.
The list goes on....
I would appreciate any information anybody can give on any of these issues.
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I can help you with a couple:
2. It is called alignment, have the car aligned.
4. Faulty temp sender, this is common on the A4 platform cars
5. Another common A4 platform problem, the sensor for the trunk (boot) is a pos, and they break often.
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