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Happy Holidays, friends.

I am in a pickle - could be a legal pickle too. I have an Audi A4 B6 3.0. The clutch pedal had felt soft and found out that there was a leak on the clutch slave cylinder. Transmission seemed fine - ran strong before the slave leak. I decided to go to the mechanic to change out the part that I purchased and he called back saying this to me a few days later -

When he was removing the bolt from the current slave cylinder, it broke. He decided to try to take it out of the "housing" he said and something went wrong that he said I needed a new transmission. He said that a new transmission was going to be $900 with $300 labor (I'm sure he felt bad he broke my transmission that's why it was so cheap). Now, correct me if I'm wrong but DOES THIS SOUND MESSED UP?? I wanted just a swap on the slave cylinder and now I need a new transmission on his fault? I wanted to get your input before I go over there and clear things out.

Thanks for the input guys.
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