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Audi recently paired with Grammy nominated electronic chill-out/trance artist and TT Mk1 driver Ryan Farish to create a collection of songs under the project name #RemarkableAudi. The four songs, entitled "Hondling Hands", "Opus [Radio Edit]", "Flight of the Angels" and "RPM" can be found at Ryan's website (linked at the bottom). It seems the collection was inspired by Farish's preference to use his Audi as part of his creative process.

Here's a quick press release from Audi detailing the tie-in.

Ryan Farish Uses Audi Soundcheck to Refine His Music

When trance and chill out musician Ryan Farish began investigating new equipment to help him perfect his recordings a few years ago, he was struck by a review that compared its qualities to the engineered precision of an Audi.

That was enough to sell him on the new gear – and a new car. As he developed songs that earned him a Grammy nomination, a 2008 Gospel Music Association Dove Award, enough tracks to fill eight albums and a style that has come to define The Weather Channel soundtrack, Farish burned them on a CD so he could hear how they sounded in his Audi TT. When the Virginia Beach, Va., artist explained how this process helps him refine his music, we had an idea. Why not get his professional impression on the most advanced sound system built into our cars today – the 19-speaker, 1,400-watt Bang & Olufsen® Advanced Sound System found in the new Audi A8 flagship model? We were eager to hear what his trained ear thought of a system that is engineered from the start of the A8 development with more than 400 hours of fine tuning devoted to acoustic purity.

With only a basic introduction to the car and absolutely no strings attached, we left an Audi A8 with Farish to drive and test songs for the new album “Upon A Dream,” which was released internationally last week. The result is this first installment of the new Remarkable Audi film series – a project devoted to letting real people like Ryan Farish bring their real and remarkable Audi stories to you.
Here's the first video teaser. Follow the link at the bottom to download the songs.

Download the songs at Bryan Farish's website HERE
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