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Victoria's Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr (above) and actor husband Orlando Bloom were caught this week by paparazzi getting into a new D4 Audi A8. Kerr is rumored pregnant so the added size of an A8 sure beats Bloom's Norton Commando 961 SE motorcycle as baby taxi.

So is this Bloom's or Kerr's new car? We know Orlando has an association with Audi UK and thus Audi in general. Contacts at Audi have hinted that the actor gets regular access to Audi products and tends to swap one out for a new one when a car becomes too well known by the paparazzi. That said, this particular Audi doesn't have Audi fleet plates. It doesn't have a dealer tag either that would suggest it's just been purchased (which it would have been just purchased as these cars just started hitting dealerships). Either way, we admire their taste.

Follow the links below for more on the Kerr, Bloom and the sighting. Thanks to quattroholic for the tip.

Miranda Kerr Official Website

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