As if there weren’t already enough reasons to lust after the RS 6 Avant, Audi’s apprentices have gone and given us another. This is the RS 6 GTO Concept and it’s inspired by the Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO. We may die of lust before we get to the end of this story so do bear with us.

According to the Instagram post through which Audi released the images of the concept (and as translated by Google) the car is the result of the AP20 apprentice program.
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und ungezähmt – Tradition trifft auf Zukunft beim Audi RS 6 GTO Concept 🔥⚙ Der #AudiAP20Neckarsulm ist endlich da, die Freude bei den Azubis ist unermesslich!💥 Dabei trifft das Jubiliäum, 40 Jahre Quattro auf ein echtes Neckarsulmer Modell: Den Audi RS 6. 🚗 Die volle Geschichte zum Fahrzeug findet ihr beim weiterswipen, ebenso die ersten Detailbilder des #AudiAP20Neckarsulm. 📔 Wir freuen uns über euren Support: Teilt, liket den Beitrag und kommentiert euer Feedback! 📈🎉 ________________________________________________ #audi#vorsprung#azubis#technik#ausbildung#berufsausbildung#team#motivation#zukunft#karriere#leidenschaft#beruf#bildung#lernen#bewerbung#family#sound#passion#audisport #neckarsulm #Heilbronn #rs6gto #azubiprojektrs6#lifestyle #photography#bodykit #rs #audiimsagto ________________________________________________ Audi RS 6 GTO Concept[/URL]

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The RS 6 GTO Concept “arose from ideas from trainees,” according to the company and the design was created by Marc Lichte and his team. Lichte, of course, is a fan of Audi history, as classic quattro details have found their way into his designs of cars like the Q8 and the e-tron GT. 

This is perhaps the most literal interpretation of that, though. This is a very direct homage to the Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO thanks to the wheels, the paint scheme, the big red wing, the side-exit exhaust, the wide fender flares. 

The result is—well, it’s very good. The Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO, for those who don’t know, was Audi’s foray into IMSA racing in the ‘90s. After Group B rally turned out to actually be quite deadly, the brand was looking for new ways to shine a light on the advantages of quattro and circuit racing was the perfect way to do it.

Unfortunately, the car would only be allowed in the sport for one season, because it whipped the competition so bad that IMSA started making rules to effectively keep Audi and its AWD system out of the sport. Naturally, it has become something of a legend.

What better way to pay homage could there be?