If you ask an engineer how to make a car better, you’re likely to hear one word: weight. Shedding pounds improves nearly every performance metric, from acceleration to cornering speed to stopping distance and even onto fuel economy.

Making a car lighter, as a rule, makes it better. That’s why Audi’s new Carbon Editions are so exciting. Announced for the UK, the packages come with a range of unique weight-saving measures.

Up high, the roof, the mirrors, and the spoiler have all been fashioned out of carbon fiber reinforced polymer. Down low, Audi has given owners the chance to buy one-piece milled 20” alloy wheels. These are unique to the Carbon Edition, and alone save nearly 20 lbs of unsprung weight.

With these and a handful of other weight saving measures, Audi has managed to cut about 132 lbs from the RS5 and about 176 lbs from the RS4 Avant.

Other changes include a matte aluminum finish on the radiator grille and the window surrounds. The RS Matrix LED headlights, a Quattro sport diff, and Nappa leather sports seats options, meanwhile, all come with this package.

Propulsion, as ever, comes from Audi and Porsche’s new 2.9-liter twin turbo V6. The engine churns out about 450 hp and nearly as many lb-ft of torque.

The Carbon Edition cars cost about £10,000 for the RS4 and about £12,500 RS5 than the standard cars.

[source: carscoops ]