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Just an FYI for those watching intently as the Audi Q3 cruises towards its Shanghai premier next week. Seems Audi Germany has launched a Q3 section to their Audi.de website where you can sign up for news and see a few teasers.

Up until now the shots seen were unobstructed but very,very tight on the car... with good quality views so long as you only wanted to see the headlight or the taillight . Then, today the teasers at Audi took a different approach revealing a silhouette of the car. We took a screencapture and added it to our long list of things today and, frankly, it likely wouldn't have made the daily cut... because we're busy and it looked like a big black Q3-shaped blog.

Then along came the clever guys over at the German Audi blog QARSI.de. With just a little bit of photo manipulation, QARSI was able to reveal pretty much the entire detail (albeit muted) of the car. Nice job guys!

If you want to read their story (in German) and see the original Q3-shaped silhouette, click on through to QARSI. We've also included a link below to Audi's German website in case you want to check back in for more teasers or sign up for their email list.

Full Story - QARSI.de

Audi AG Website - Audi.de
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