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It's not like we were questioning whether the upcoming Audi Q6 had been dropped from Audi's development plans, but confirmation of the car by the Volkswagen Group's design boss are worth a mention and they come from Automotive News Europe via Autoblog.

If you've been keeping track, Audi will now be in charge of initial development of large (longitudinal engine fitment) SUVs and crossovers. As a result, offerings such as the Q7 and Porsche Cayenne will migrate to Audi's modular longitudinal MLB architecture. The Audi Q5 is the only crossover thus far to be built on MLB and it'll be joined by the Porsche Roxster and Q6 when it gets a full redesign following a facelift due next year.

It seems the Volkswagen Group has been extensively exploring how many crossovers can be extracted from the component set and many ideas have been thrown around. The 5-door Roxster may spawn a more sporting 3-door variant that may also see a Q4 to help share costs. de'Silva also made mention that the Q4 was still being considered. Seems the Q6 though is a lot further along than pure consideration though and it should weigh in quite closely against the BMW X6. Figure something in between Q5 and Q7 in size but with much more of an aggressive Sportback style roofline and geared more as a lifestyle vehicle like the X6 rather than a 5-passenger wagon like the current Touareg... a vehicle that similarly sizes in between the two Audis and is offered currently.

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