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Audi Quattro Rearend

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Does anyone know where the gear reduction (front to rear)is done in an audi quattro system? I am wondering if the rearend uses a final drive, or if it uses a 1:1 ratio, and the reduction is done up front in the center diff?
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Re: Audi Quattro Rearend (BigBoost'dBunny)

The output axle of the tranny is 1:1 and it has identical final drives in front and rear differentials. There are different ratios dependent on the different engines. Which car and engine do you have?
Re: Audi Quattro Rearend (PerL)

I have a 1980 vw rabbit with a turbocharged vr6. I have installed a vw syncro drivetrain, but the car was down for a lot of last year because of viscous coupler, and rearend weakness problems. I am looking for a better alternative, but I'm having a difficult time because the gear reduction is done in the center diff, and the rear end 1:1. Does anyone know of ANY other rearends that run 1:1 ?

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