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What? The day is finally here and there are no photos of Audi's new R18 racer all over the web? Why? We've summarized what we know below for those who are waiting on the edge of their seats to see what Audi brings to the table.

<b>1. Today is a Go</b>
When we reported earlier this week about the LeMansLive Blog (Michelin) and LeMans.org (ACO official website) mentioning the car's debut today we were sure it was correct. Michelin is a strategic partner to Audi and the ACO is... well... the ACO. It's their race (Le Mans) and their series. Still, it didn't hurt when Allan McNish's Facebook Fan Page also confirmed it and we've since confirmed with sources inside Audi that it would be today. So it is today. But when?

Ten-Tenths racing says the info will be live at 7PM UK time (1PM EST) and with such specific info we think they've heard it from the PR staff of Audi UK or Audi Sport. We're doing our best to confirm that now but FYI.

<b>2. So What About the Car?</b>
Seems like the nod here has to go to SPEED's Marshall Pruett. Though he's not run a story yet on the R18 he promises a full technical analysis to run later today or tomorrow on SPEED. He's also included a few more details such as the R18's definently deviating from the R15, especially under the skin where it has a lot of R8-inspired concepts as far as it's chassis. He also says that it's a closed car, this last one a rampant rumor that at least one Audi Sport driver suggested to us was likely the case. Given the ACO's single tire-changer rule was not about to change, this essentially negated any advantages the open top car had for shorter driver changes in the pits so Audi moving to a closed top car that's faster on the straights was a likely scenario.

We'll run the Audi PR materials just as soon as we have them but for now make sure to follow SPEED's Marshall Pruett on Twitter as he seems to have the most inside line at this time. Thanks chernaudi for the tips.

Marshall Pruett on Speed
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